About Me

Find out who I am, where I'm from and what I usually do

Who I Am

My name's Luis Romero and I'm a Full Stack Developer born in El Salvador currently living in Toronto, Canada.

I have a passion for creating web applications and websites that help people be heard.

In my blog I like to write about the impact of technology on our minds and how we can use our knowledge to have mental clarity.

Me pretending I'm looking cool ;)

My Dream

I want to travel the world looking for ways to make technologies less harmful to the mind and more socially thoughtful.

Why You Should Hire Me

Because I love what I do. I take my work very serious and although there are people more experienced than me I am sure I'll do all my best to develop good quality software.

If you are looking for someone being very dedicated with his work and open to new experiences, I am the right person.

Plus I think I'm a cool guy to hang out with. 😎


So, do we work together?

For any enquiries, or just to say hello, get in touch and contact me